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Murg Makhani

SGD 34

Chicken Tikka, tossed in tomato, butter, cream and cashew gravy, served with ginger juliennes and swirl of cream

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Saag Ghost

SGD 36

A finger-licking dish made with fish and tangy tamarind sauce. A traditional delicacy of Andhra Pradesh region in India

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Earl E Hindh Naan

SGD 12

Refined flour bread made with semolina and milk, topped with almond flakes.

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Khumb Makai Palak

SGD 18

Button mushrooms, American Corn and Spinach cooked to perfection into an unusual exquisite delicacy

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Murg Yakhni Pulao

SGD 38

Pulao of spring chicken and long grained basmati rice, flavored with aromatic spices

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Jhinga Shorba

SGD 20

Delicately flavored shrimps in a cinnamon-lemon broth flavored with fresh coriander

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Ambi Paneer Tikka

SGD 26

Mouth melting Cottage Cheese, filled with mango chunks, charcoal grilled

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Bharwa Amritsari Kulcha

SGD 11

Refined flour bread stuffed with lots of masala (spices) seasoned with cumin/nigella seeds and choice of optional stuffing

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Seekh Kabab

SGD 28

Succulent lamb mince, with ginger, green chilies and coriander, spiced with royal cumin & saffron, molded on to skewers and grilled over charcoal fire

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Dariyai Tikka

SGD 32

Medallions of fresh Salmon fish marinated in cheese, dil (herbs), lemon juice, fennel, honey, exotic kabab masala and char grilled in the tandoor

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Desi Hara Kabab

SGD 22

Delicately flavored Kababs of spinach and Chana dal, stuffed with cottage cheese, pan grilled in butter and served with a sprinkling of dried fenugreek

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Earl-E-Hindh’s ‘KAKORI’

SGD 44

A delicate melt-in-your-mouth kabab of finely minced lamb, flavoured with cloves and cinnamon and some secret ingredients, wrapped around a skewer and char grilled, Garnished with saffron sprinkling