About us

Royal Gastronomic Secrets Revisited
Our History

EOH is the brainchild of a team of enterprising expat Indian entrepreneurs. EOH is our quest of reinvigorating the inimitable Indian disposition that seeks to balance materialistic achievement and glory on the one hand and philosophical and cultural refinement on the other. Indians do not see any contradictions in both these pursuits. Our mission is to bring to the world the finest of Indian cuisine. However, Indian cuisine is not just about food. It is a holistic experience that is deeply embedded in our rich social traditions. For thousands of years Indians have experimented and perfected hospitality in their unique way.
We aim to bring the opulence, once enjoyed by the royalty of India, to those who have earned their right to it in modern times.

Our Brand

Why did we think of the name “Earl of Hindh” for our restaurant? The erstwhile ‘Hindh’ spread right from Afghanistan to Myanmar. It was not just a political entity but a civilization that is still alive. The most curious feature of the Hindh culture is its stunning diversity which springs forth from its innate similarities.The biggest strength of the Hindh culture is in its ability to assimilate all influences, even those of its conquerors and tormentors, yet flourish and thrive. We combined the title Earl in our brand to symbolize the ‘finest’ and the noblest in this context.Earl of Hindh brand expresses the class, refinement, and prominence that is still enjoyed by a select few.

Our Team

It is the hard work and devotion of our trained chefs and serving staff that makes your every visit at EOH unique. We have handpicked our personnel from the top culinary institutes. Our Master Chef Mr. Negi has a vast experience behind him and has a unique approach that is evident in the elegant dishes he has crafted for us. Our serving staff are ever alert to every small nuance of your requirements and are keen to delight you.